Manufacturing feedstuffs under Valouro's brand for various domestic animal species, which will become food for human consuming. Our feedstuffs solutions can be offered according to the segment to which they are destined, meaning animal type and its age. The Company has a wide range of offers with several options in its portfolio within the following segments:

  • Animal Intensive Production
    We offer feed for livestock as: poultry (broilers, free range chickens, parent breeders, laying hens, turkeys, ducks, and quails), cattle (dairy and meat), piglets, sheep, goats, rabbits. Valouro feedstuffs are available as meals, pellets and crumbles and avaiable to be delivered in bulk or in bags (30 kg/each);
  • Animal Backyard Production
    Avaiable for broilers, chickens, laying hens, turkeys, and rabbits, as crumble or pellets shape and packed in 5 kg or 30 kg paper bags;


Ask one of our experts for advice about the most fitting solution for your animals. Our purpose is to help you to achieve success, so you make your job more affordable and efficient with our assistance. You can do it through:

  • Customer Support Line: +351 261 910 100 (call to Portuguese landline) / + 351 932 507 000 (call to Portuguese mobile net)
  • E-mail addressencomendas@valouro.pt
  • Website: www.valouro.pt