RAMALHAL, Torres Vedras

RAMALHAL, Torres Vedras

Ramalhal plant was a huge qualitative and quantitative step forwards…


The continuous growth of Rações Valouro combined with the need to improve its accessibilities - namely railroads - determined the construction of the second feedstuffs manufacturer plant, in 1988, next to the Ramalhal railway station, in the municipality of Torres Vedras. Its first manufacturing feedstuffs line was established with 800 t/day capacity. However, four years later, due to the constant market increasement, additional investments were made, a second line kicked off and doubled the installed capacity unit up to 1600 t/day. This plant is outfitted with modern equipment all automatic commanded - and a wide range of pelleting machines, allowing that 100% of the feedstuffs manufactured can be processed with heat treatment.


Presently in this plant, feedstuffs are mainly provided in bulk, Ramalhal has 30 sleeves for direct bulk delivery. However, the 5.300 m² warehouse storage, with four docks for packed feedstuffs, allows suppling clients requests in a short time. 


Despite the downward trend in the demand for packaged feed within the intensive range production, this Unit has five automatic bagging lines, two of which are fully robotized. Recently, there has been an increase in requesting feed from the so called backyard range, aimed by people raising animals for family's inner consumption.


Presently this factory has the following characteristics:

L1, L2 - Independent manufacturing feedstuffs lines with global installed production capacity: 1,600 t/day