Nutritional programs and the optimization of the ratio - quality/price - are the essential focus of I&D operations


Rações Valouro I&D's Team focus most of their time on two types of research:

  • Precision Formulation:
    • permanent identification of new nutritional contents that improve animal performance;
    • flexibility of feed contents in terms of integrating distinct raw materials but maintaining the same nutritional profiles
    • formulate considering "low-emissions feeds diets".


  • ​​Investing in people living in the areas surrounding the Valouro facilities, namely through some of the following actions:
  • Develop innovative methods, processes and solutions:
    • Rações Valouro in cooperation with several companies from "Grupo Valouro" have an integrated policy to achieve common goals in sustainability, environmental and animal welfare and health.
  • Allow innovation to express itself and being seen as an important component of continuous improvement:
    • Since 2018, the "Grupo Valouro" has multidisciplinary teams, from different activities, meet regularly to discuss: animal welfare and health, environment and sustainability.